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Ten Tips For a Great Holiday

These tips will help you organise a perfect holiday

Posted Jan 03, 2012 by Location Info

Holiday booking check list

  1. Choose Your Accommodation
    Think about how many bedrooms you need, bed configuration, whether you need air conditioning (there is often an added charge for this). Do you need a swimming pool. These can be private or shared and shared pools are great for getting to know people on holiday. Remember that July and August are very busy, so book early in order to get all the key features you require.
  2. Find Your Flights
    There are some great flight comparison sites such as where they do the hard work of searching all the flight companies for the cheapest flights.  Remember that Alicante airport is only 1hr 20min from the Club, and Murcia (San Javier) is 30 minutes away. 
  3. Book Your Car Hire
    We have found a couple of great sites for this: or Remember, go for a bigger car, as you will have a lot of luggage.
  4. Airport Parking
    Parking at the airport can be expensive.  There are good, reliable off-airport parking facilities that are very cheap.  Check out Another tip, particularly if you have an early flight, is to look into a hotel that offers holiday parking - this can be very convenient and economical.
  5. Book Early
    Booking early will allow you to get the property of your choice with the amenities and features you need. You may also be able to take advantage of 'early bird' discounts. Remember to book your flights early too. The cheapest seat prices are available to the early bookers, and they get more expensive as the flight fills. Families can save hundreds of pounds by booking early.
  6. Book Your Leisure Activities in Advance
    It is advisable to book all your leisure activities well before you arrive. Golf tee times, tennis courts and clinics, golf academy, Junior Club,. etc all have limited availability and get booked up quickly.
  7. Luggage and Packing
    The cost of additional luggage on flights is expensive. Think of taking full advantage of the carry-on allowance (usually 10kg and free of charge) for each family member, and consolidate your checked bags into say only two bags (usually 22kg max but check your airlines rules). Also, avoid taking unnecessary heavy items, such as hair dryers which you will find in your accommodation, and extra pairs of shoes. Even books - if you were lucky enough to get a Kindle for Christmas, this is ideal for saving weight on your holiday reading! Another tip is not to pack beach towels: these can often be purchased very cheaply locally, and you can just leave them behind and still save of airline baggage costs.
  8. Take Advantage of our Shopping Service
    We can make the start of your holiday considerably easier by getting the bulk of your shopping done before you arrive.  Bottled water, cokes, cava (Spain's champagne-style wine), white wine, red wine and beer are all heavy items that we can shop and place in your property, chilled for your arrival. In addition, all other essentials can be purchased including bread, eggs, cheeses, hams, butter, etc.
  9. Foreign Currency
    Where you get you currency and ordering in advance can save a great deal of money. Do not wait until you get to the airport as this is always expensive. You can often have your currency delivered to your home too. Do not use your credit card to pay for your currency as this is treated as drawing cash on your card and is usually charged at much higer interest rates. Beware of commission free offers as the actual exchange rate may be much higher. If you are planning on future trips to Euro zone countries, it is often wise to keep your left over cash rather than exchange it back to pounds as the exchange rates are rarely favourable! Check out for competitive rates, but always compare against other companies.
  10. Travel Insurance
    Just in case, it is always advisable to take out holiday insurance. Check out what your bank or credit card has to offer - you may find it is included with your card. However, always make sure that the cover includes all the activities you may be taking part in (and your equipment). Also, make sure that all members of your group are covered under your policy or have their own policy. It is also wise to notify your insurer of any changes to your health.